Ongoing Care

Support and regular website maintenance.

We are not done once your website is finalized. DigitalCare partners up with clients to provide ongoing support and regular website maintenance too. To meet the different needs of various businesses, we have created three UpCare Plans, each of them representing a different combination of support services. Some of the services that fall within the scope of our UpCare Plans are VPS hosting & server management, backups, updates, and security scans. For clients who have purchased UpCare Plus or UpCare Premium, support is included (4 -10 hours respectively, intended to cover any kind of additional work on the website).

See below our UpCare Plans explained. You can also request a custom UpCare Plan.


$99 / per month

Always Online
VPS Hosting
Server Management
Regular Updates
Daily & Weekly Backups
Google Analytics
Uptime Monitor

UpCare Plus

$199 / per month

All from UpCare
Hands-on (2/h/month)
WP Rocket
SMTP (Mailgun)
Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Google My Business

UpCare Premium

$499 / per month

All from UpCare Plus
Hands-on (10/h/month)
WordFence Security
Advanced Web Tracking
Activity Monitoring
Client reporting
Priority support

Contact us to find out more about our UpCare plans, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with all the details.

Always Online

А service that guarantees your website’s functionality at any time. In case something goes wrong, we are here to take care of it immediately. We continually check the website’s performance, website uptime, loading speed and forms functionality.


We have a modern infrastructure for Virtual Private Hosting (DigitalOcean or Amazon Web Services). Our server management service covers maintenance, upgrades, installations, troubleshooting and more.


We are in charge of constantly keeping our clients’ installations up to date – you can set your mind at peace and never have to think about upgrading again in the future.


We store snapshots of clients’ databases and files in the cloud – we have appropriately scheduled regular back-ups (daily and weekly).


Your security is our responsibility. DigitalCare monitors clients’ sites and we perform regular security scans. In this way, we make sure that you are well protected from anything that might impose a threat to your security.


We are doing our best to be always available to our clients – you can ask us anything that matters to you, and we will get back to you with our best advice and suggestions.

Uptime Monitor

A service that checks your website every one minute – if the functionality of your website scales down, we would know immediately.


With UpCare Plus and UpCare Premium we offer extra hours of work on the website. This work is need-based and can be used for anything that the client requires. Additional time is available at $50/hour.

WP Rocket

Premium cache plugin which ensures websites will load blazingly fast, which is essential to improve SEO rankings and increase conversions.


Premium SEO plugin, which helps execute the SEO tasks easier, boost traffic and so much more.

Google Analytics

Tracking website visitors is a must – it provides valuable insights that help clients develop their best success strategies.

Google Search Console

A tool we use to check indexing status and optimize visibility of websites accordingly.

WordFence Security

Premium security plugin which provides enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware.


We use Mailgun, an external paid email service that ensures 100% email delivery. Your emails will never be marked as spam.

Activity Monitoring

This is useful when many people have access to the website backend so we can prevent and track any misuse.

Advanced Web Tracking

Tracking specific web events, like click on buttons, phone calls, forms, heatmaps, recordings, etc.

Client Reporting

Receive monthly statistics about your website straight in your inbox.

Google My Business

Ensuring Google has the right information about your business.

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